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Stop Yo-Yo dieting. Take control and learn how to lose weight and look great without fad diets. Learn the fundamentals to being healthy. Learn about nutrition and be your own personal nutritionist with my help. Find out what your body needs to be at it's best with detailed information on nutrients and how the nutrients help you body. Includes recipe ideas for weight loss for all including, vegetarian, vegan and over 50's


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Nutrition Writer for the Huffington Post. You can find some of my articles here:


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In Thrive Magazine, you will find my double page article on weight loss tips. Order your copy of the winter addition of Thrive Magazine here: http://thrive-magazine.co.uk/

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More in Thrive Magazine! This time about Adrenaline Fatigue


Adrenaline fatigue by the Harley street nutritionist

Expert Advice

In New! Magazine on 18th April 2017 where I was requested to give expert nutrition advice to Lauren Goodger that stars in TOWIE! Get yourself a copy!

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